Thinking of Selling Your Home?

Then you need the G.A.P.


ULTRA'S. . .

"Guaranteed Advertising Program."


Where other real estate companies say the key to a home selling is Location, Location, Location, we at ULTRA REALTORS think it's Advertising, Advertising, Advertising!!  Bringing your home to as many potential buyers as possible.  If you agree with us, our program is designed for you.


ULTRA, REALTORS is the only real estate company in Amarillo that publishes and distributes it's own "Real Estate Buyers Guide" magazine, in which, allows us to guarantee to our sellers that every property we offer for sale will be advertised every day of every month that we have it for sale, until the home is sold!!
Our "Buyers Guide" magazine is distributed to our stand locations across Amarillo and the Panhandle to stores and businesses.
Now, we have added the distribution of our magazine to the homes that we offer for sale.  You will find our brochure boxes with copies of our "Buyers Guide" magazine, in which people driving by may pickup a copy, they will also include detailed information sheets on that particular home for sale.


Now that we have a .COM, Our "Buyers Guide" magazine is now ONLINE!!

This advertising commitment alone separates ULTRA, REALTORS from every other real estate company in Amarillo.  No other company in Amarillo offers this type of exposure and convenience for home sellers and buyers.

We also advertise in "The Real Estate Book," The Amarillo Globe New "Real Estate Monthly," Channel 10's "Cable-Mart," and are very active in direct mailing.

You will be SOLD on the G.A.P.!!